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Hi all, It's been a few years and a new site, but I have decided to kick off my blogs again. A few things have happened since my last blog site, such as starting up a new cycling club, "Tornado Road Cycling Club" and the small matter of becoming a father! I have been training hard this winter for up and coming events, which I will discuss in up and coming blogs. But for now I want to talk about a great ride that I had on Saturday 9th April with my good friend Ian Hayden. We set off on a glorious sunny morning, with only a little breeze. We headed from Barton-On-Sea to Lymington via Milford-On-Sea and Key Haven. The sun was shining, the roads were quiet and it felt great to be out on the bike. We were heading out to use the GridIron route for the day, as it uses some roads we don't normally ride on, so was a nice change. Everything was going well, although we were riding down some lanes that had quite a bit of gravel and flint, made worst by the over night rain. Then it happened, puncture on my back tyre. Oh well, the sun was out and it was quite warm. We stopped in a nice little sun trap, everything was nice and peaceful, all we could hear was the buzzing of the bee's in the tree next to us. We had just passed a bee farm, so it was to be expected. I got all the necessary gear out of my saddle bag and mentioned to Ian that it was odd I only had one inner tube with me, as I always carry two! Never mind, I had some quick repair patches on me, so I'd just have to repair any other punctures. Ian said there was no need to worry as he had some in his saddle bag. As he turned to point at his bike, he then realised he had left home without it! Oh my days! Best hope we don't get anymore punctures then. Off we set again, enjoying the sunshine, although it was starting to cloud over a little and the wind was picking up. Then it happened again! This time my front tyre was deflating slowly! Sure enough I had another piece of flint stuck in the tyre! So out came the patches, or should I say patch. Oh yes, I only had one left. Puncture sealed off and tyre re-inflated, we truly couldn't afford another puncture! Thankfully we managed to finish the ride without any further deflations. When leaving for a ride, always check you have your saddle bag and also check you have enough tubes and patches! We were unlucky and yet lucky at the same time. We did get caught in rain around the Gods Hill area, and faced some tough headwinds. But all in all the day was mostly dry and very enjoyable. We decided to take on the wall of tarmac otherwise known as Blissford Hill. I hadn't been up it for about 4 years so had forgotten what it looked like. As you approach it, it looks quite menacing at 25% gradient, but it is short, around 100 metres long. As you look at it you wonder how you are going to get up it, even a car would struggle. However as you hit the bottom and start climbing, you realise that it's not that bad after all. I got a bit of wheel spin going up as the surface was a little damp. I ended the ride on 89 miles and feeling a little tired. Tiredness was due to the gym session I had the day before. We took the ride steady, it wasn't necessary to go full speed ahead at it. So last year I managed to go all year with about 2 punctures and 1 blow out, this year I have had 1 blow out and about 6 punctures! It must be the puncture karma balancing things up! Until next time.......
I’m back and so are the punctures