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January is the worst month, you’re fat and broke from the holidays, paler than ever, and you can’t feel your face when you walk outside! Unless you are one of the privileged few to have escaped to sunshine and warmth, you’ve probably been freezing this month. We still have weeks to go of much the same, so we have no choice but to embrace the chill. It’s that awful time of year, where you want buns of steel, but you also want buns of cinnamon! There was once a time when I could have said, I’m not going out until the temperature reaches my age, but unless I move to Egypt I wouldn’t make it out of the house. I truly wasn’t made for winter, I was born to enjoy the sun! Last year I was out the door no matter what the conditions, seeking hills and miles, as I trained for the mountains. This year I get to put my feet up a little, if it’s too cold or too wet, I don’t have to go out. Although despite this, I still ventured out a few weeks ago in temperatures as low as -6. Just proving that the cold thicker air affects my brain. To be fair the cold isn’t so much a problem, but the rain is a different matter. I don’t mind getting wet, I commute in all kinds of weather, so I am very used to it. However, some days I just don’t want to come back from a ride feeling like a sponge, waiting to drip all over the floor when I get in. To look at my bike and nearly cry because it’s filthy again and the sound of grit destroying chain, mech’s and wheel braking surfaces is just too much to take. The bank account can only give me so much. January is always a bit of a lottery with the miles, dictated to by the weather. The longer miles on my commute have certainly helped maintain something of a reasonable tally, albeit not quite as much as last year. Some of the commutes have been interesting, especially in the freezing fog, when upon my arrival at work, I found I had ice on me and all over the bike. It had felt cold, but not that cold! I have had the pleasure of seeing some amazing sunrises and sunsets as well. The one thing I can do is keep using the turbo and my home gym sessions to supplement my riding. I have felt a little tired over the last few weeks, with plenty on my mind, which has affected my motivation levels. I took the decision to give myself a bit of a rest, with the view to picking the extra training back up as we head into February. Hopefully it’s just one more month before things start to improve in March, although you never quite know what you are going to get in March, it could be glorious, it could be hideous. One thing is for sure, we can’t change it, so in one way or another we will have to find a way to deal with it.
January 2017