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Finally, spring is here! Not that it’s much to get excited about at the moment, but at least it’s all moving in the right direction. Talking of moving in the right direction, I finally got to the first sportive of the year, the Wiltshire Wildcat. I think this will become my season starter. It’s a great route over 81 miles and certainly wakes the body back up after the winter hibernation. I fully expected that I would start to fade before the end as I wanted to push. After 65 miles I started to suffer, having only ridden a maximum of 55 miles for some months. At the end I felt knackered, but better at the same time. The Wildcat has been the boost I needed, back to the distance miles and starting to push. Since then I have had a great 80 mile ride over the Purbecks in another of our club feature rides, “March Madness”. It was another great ride, seeing riders improving and setting lots of new PB’s.  I took a day of work specifically to go for a long ride, a further 90 solo miles round the New Forest in less than ideal conditions when it came to the wind! I was still feeling the Purbecks ride in my legs, but it was great to get out on some new roads and try out a different route to normal. Definitely one I will use again in the summer. The miles are starting to look better and with a few more rides up and coming, I am starting to feel much better in myself and on the bike. The club has an outing to Calshot Track at the end of this month, which should be a great laugh, 10 Tornado’s going round in circles ;-). I am pretty sure that there will be plenty of photo’s to share! Well a slightly shorter blog this month, but with some good rides coming up in April, there will be plenty for me to share with you. I have finally added the blog to Google search, although you still need to know you’re looking for me at the moment, it would take you 100’s of pages to stumble across me, I doubt anyone is that keen!
March 2017 - Pushing out the miles