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Another month rolls by, where do they go! I can’t believe we are in June already. Our little boy James continues to grow and develop and charm us all. It is fascinating watching him develop and now he is just coming up to 22 months, he is in a very adorable stage with talking etc….. Mummy and Daddy are very proud. The month of May has been another good one on the bike, to be honest I don’t think there is ever a bad one really, anytime on the bike is brilliant. I haven’t had any events this month as such, the one thing I did do was the “Between The Parks” Audax, which was absolutely stunning. Beautiful scenery, villages and streams, a real pleasure to ride. Starting and finishing in Romsey, it was great to do some new roads. I also had the Tornado feature ride, which was a fantastic ride around Dartmoor with a great climb up to Haytor. Again some great new roads, beautiful climbs and descents. The day was a tad windy which made some of the very steep descents a bit lively! May has also seen me getting faster on the Time Trial front, setting a new PB on our sporting club 10 course. Being a sporting course it isn’t exactly flat and is a good testing course. My Previous PB before the start of the year was a 26m 51s. On 10th May I took 34 seconds off that with a 26m 17s ride. I was very happy with this and have since posted a 26.39 and a 26.21, so consistency is there. I don’t think it will be long before I PB again. I have recently resurrected an old bike frame and made it my Time Trial bike. It is an old aluminium Tifosi time trial frame that was in a bit of a state when I bought it for £35. I had it stripped down and painted with my own design. Although I set my 26.17 on my Pinarello Dogma, this TT frame is going to be great once I get used to it and riding in the different position. However I have set the 26.39 and 26.21 on it, so I am adapting to it. On 1st June I also went back to visit an old course I used to do week in week out, the Bournemouth Arrow club 10 on the P311, with my TT bike. This is a faster course than ours as it is mainly flat.  A few years ago I set a PB of 25m 56s on this course and haven’t been able to crack that in the few times I have gone back. That is until the other night when I posted a 24m 45s time, taking 1m 11s off my previous. I was exceptionally pleased with this, my speed is coming back nicely, although it would be fair to say I am getting faster than before. I’m not one to stick at just one type of event, that becomes the norm and I like to mix it up, so this year I have done my climbing events, I have had a track taster session, I am back on my time trials and going well. So that would leave me to try out some racing. So, armed with a British Cycling Race licence, I have taken myself off to a few races. I am a CAT4 at present and need 12 points to progress to CAT3. So far I have ridden in 2 races finishing 8th and 5th which gets me 7 points. I am currently booked into two more races over the next two weeks, so hoping for progression to CAT3. The racing is great fun, being in the mix, covering off moves etc…. really great fun. Obviously I race to win, like everyone does, but I don’t take it too seriously, I am just enjoying it! For the most part, I just wanted to say I have done it and given it a go. It is addictive though and really great to challenge yourself in a very different way. It really enhances your skills and I love the mental focus involved. This year has been a real mixed bag of events and I am loving it! Really pleased to be getting my speed legs back, makes me happy! June has a few nice rides lined up and more racing and TT'ing, so we’ll see how it goes. For now I take a weekend off the bike after 3 consecutive nights of racing, TT'ing and again TT'ing, I need to let the legs rest for the next race. Who knows what the month will bring, a race win would be great, but you just can’t predict a race, they are different each time.
May - Speeding Up, Times Tumbling