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So, 2018, I was meant to have blogged back in January and then again in February as I build up for more time trials. However the start of the year didn’t quite go as planned. Having my prolapsed disc injury flare up on Christmas day, I spent 3 weeks nursing it back, with no cycling activitiy. Once I got back on the bike I had about a week and a half before I got the flu, along with conjunctivitus and a lengthly ear infection! So to be honest I didn’t have a great start to the year and certainly nothing much to write about! However, that is all behind me now and I look forward to starting my events off in March. i have what has become my season opener, the Wiltshire Wildcat, 81 miles of what will feel like hell as I wake the body up from its winter hibernation. I love the course and always feel so much better once I have completed it. In the later half of the month I have our Tornado RCC Open 10 Mile TT and then on Good Friday, I take on the Bournemuth Arrow Open 10 Mile TT. Two quite different courses, ours being a bit tougher, with more climbing, but the Arrow course can be difficult with the wind, so two great challenges ahead. Over the winter I have been building up a new Time Trial machine, it is a beauty, even if I do say so myself! It is an Estrella Fugaz V2, which I have named “Vader”, you’ll probably understand why when you see the photo below, it looks mean! I am very excited about the bike and can’t wait to start riding it in anger! I know, anger leads to the dark side! But if the dark side has Estrella bikes then I am on the dark side! You may have noticed on the website and from this page onwards that I am an Estrella Ambassador, something I am very proud to be. I will be working with two amazing people, Darren Kenny OBE and Rob Ellis to promote Estrella bikes, especially the Fugaz. I look forward to updating you all on how fast this bike is going to be. For now a photo will have to do! Another advert you will see is the “Shut Up Legs Charity Ride”, supporting the Epilepsy Society. This ride is setup by the lovely Stuart Grace, an absolutely great person. I think rather than me waffle on, it is best you click the image on the right and visit the website to read all about it. I will be riding the event this year and am really looking forward to it. There are limited spaces, so get in quick! I have a feeling that this will become another regular ride! It’s one thing I love about cycling, you get to meet some amazing people. I have been very fortunate in the last year or so to have met and become friends with some greats. Looking further ahead, I have booked up quite a few Open Time Trials of varying distances as I take on my VTTA standards. It’s a bit of a cheek really, but now I am over 40, I am classed as a veteran! The one great thing about it though, you get standards to aim at, it’s great fun. I only set a 10 mile standard last year, which I hope to be beating this year. As yet I haven’t set my 25 or 50 mile standard, but that will all change as the year goes on. I am hoping for some fast club time trials on both our course and the Arrow course. It will take a few runs to adapt to the bike and a few more for the body to get used to the abuse! But my desire is to fly on the Estrella, I just hope I can do it justice! So before I go, I thought I should mention the picture at the top of the page, looking from Thorney Hill down Pound Lane towards Burley. Yes, we did have a fair bit of snow, didn’t we! This was taken on the Thursday evenng, before the freezing rain tunred the whole place into a skate rink! Not quite the start to spring we were all hoping for! Pretty whilst it lasted, but glad it’s gone, so we can get back to normal!