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As we head into April, I think we are all still waiting for Spring to start! Since my last blog, it has snowed again! although not the icy stuff we had the first time. The weather is struggling to get into Spring mode. As I sit and write this, it is raining as it has been all day! I have washed my bike I don’t know how many times this month. The commutes take a toll, especially when it is wet! I certainly wasn’t expecting any pictures of commuting in the snow this year, but that’s exactly what I have had. Thankfully the Wiltshire Wildcat wasn’t a snowy affair, infact we got away with a pretty decent day in the end. It was forecast to rain, but we managed to dodge it and have quite a dry ride. However as we drove out of the event, the rain did start, so that was a cose call. Ian and I had a good ride, although some strong winds at times made it a bit slower than previous years. We also had no help, we never got into a group to work with, we weren’t passed after the first  5 miles, but we just kept passing group after group. The few riders that did jump across to us, didn’t last long. To be fair we weren’t exactly going that fast. Still at least there were two of us to share the work. The bikes were filthy after the ride, a bit of TLC was required when we got home! The time trial season kicked off for me on 25th March. Our club open 10 mile TT was lucky to avoid the worst of the recent weather, I had the pleasure of trying to dial my legs and lungs into the abuse! The first TT of the year is always horrid, not something you really look forward too. The next few won’t be much better, but you have to get through them, to get the body used to it and the faster times you want. I knew I wasn’t going to be fast, the weather was still cold and damp and I was still getting used to my new Estrella Fugaz, “Vader”. I had done some turbo training on it and managed to get out twice on the road, inbetween the rain. Not really enough time on the bike, I was still a bit nervous on it, in the more aggressive position and the very rigid front end of the bike. The open TT was the best thing that could happen, I had no choice but to push on it and to get used to it. My head went into competition mode and I felt perfectly at home on the bike. This was far more important to me than what time I was going to post. The first lap wasn’t too bad, not much slower than I was hoping for. I could feel that the bike wanted to go and recognised sections of the course that already felt better on this bike. Lap 2 is where it went a bit wrong, mainly down to my legs and lungs. I posted a 28m 21sec time. Nothing to shout about, actually a good 30 seconds slower than I was hoping for at this early stage. I will need to work on getting a little lower on the bike, but I know this will come with more runs. For me though it was all about time on the bike and getting confidence. Now I just want to go again! I was hoping for a good run on the Bournemouth Arrow open 10 this Good Friday, but the weather decided that wasn’t go to happen as it has been rained off! Club runs start soon for both the Bournemouth Arrow and us at the Tornado Road Cycling Club, so I can work on getting those times down. The bike wants to fly and once I am up to speed I think it is going to be another great year of time trialling. Last year saw me setting lots of PB’s and taking 1m 30secs + off my previous course records. I am excited to see what 2018 brings!
When is Spring getting here?