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Here we go with blog number 2. I was hoping to write last week, but finding the time was quite difficult, what with parenting, training, other jobs that need doing and sometimes finding a bit of time to just sit down! Oh and the small matter of an awful stomach bug. A great ride on Saturday 16th April, over Broadchalke, Bowerchalke and Tollard Royal with Ian. Got a bit nippy through the chalke’s, the cold air seemed to be affecting both of our climbing abilities. This time there were no punctures! However my back tyre did feel a little spongy and by Sunday morning my tyre was flat! So I need to replace the inner tube and I have ordered some new tyres as well. Ian had a lovely noise coming from his back wheel, it was intermittent to start with so we weren’t 100% sure what the problem was, although the freewheel seems to be the main suspect. Back to my tyres, I was thinking that I had only fitted them in February, so they hadn’t lasted very well. I discovered that I had actually done 1,200 miles on them in that time, over some pretty naff road surfaces, during the winter months. All things considered not too bad, although I would have liked another 1,000 miles out of them. So I am going to return to using my Continental Grand Prix’s on the winter machine as these were far more robust than the Vittoria Rubhino Pro’s. The summer machine will stay on the awesome Vittoria Corsa CX tyres. Last week I started back in the gym after a few weeks off, it felt good to be back and complimenting my cycling with some extra fitness. I have been doing extra gym work to get back some of my power. I was always known for my power output, but over the last two years it has slipped somewhat, due to concentrating on hills. My hill climbing has improved over this time and now that I am more comfortable on the hills, I have started to add some power back in. This has really helped me, it feels great on the flats again and the extra power has improved my climbing further. There is still more to come before the big event of the year in July, L’Etape Du Tour. The other great side effect of getting fitter and stronger off the bike is an improved heart rate when on the bike. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much lower my heart rate sits and all tests show that this is not due to tiredness. I can still hit the high numbers if needed. I have balanced my training pretty much perfectly this year, with my plan really working well. I will definitely be following a similar pattern for next year. Last week was meant to be the return of the club 10 Time Trials, always an unpleasant pleasure! Yes I know that sounds contrary, but it’s true. Giving full gas over 10 miles, especially on our lumpy little course is a tough time, but ultimately it is satisfying. Well it is when you have finished with a half decent time and given yourself 5 minutes to recognise where you are again! The event got cancelled before it even started with road works intervening. It was a pretty windy evening, so in some ways, I can’t say I was disappointed. I’m sure the first few weeks will be awful, whilst the body gets used to the demands! It’s always interesting to see where you are after the first run or two. I’m sure my lungs will be ejected on the second climb of Harrow Hill, or as I call it “Harrowing” Hill. It’s a nothing hill on a normal ride, but on the TT it is brutal, especially on the second lap! Coming up next week is the Isle of Wight Randonnee, which is always my first 100 miler of the year as I cycle to and from the ferry. I’m hoping the weather is kind and that this year we don't have to rush back for the Ferry, due to a slower ride than expected. The other significance of next weekend is that it means there will be less than 10 weeks to go to L’Etape. But before we get there, I will be taking on the Dragon Ride again, with my good friend and cycling partner, Ian. More about that, nearer the time. I am raising money for Leukaemia Care across the Dragon Ride, L’Etape Du Tour and Rise Above (Cavendish Sportive). If you would like to support me and the cause, please visit my fundraising site:
The events are getting closer