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It’s nice to have had some amazing weather, after our long winter period. On the first Bank Holiday in May a group of us went over to the Isle of Wight for the Randonnee. We were blessed with a stunning day of riding, made all the better by the wonderful feed station stops! It was my first 100 miler of the year as well, riding to and from the ferry. I haven’t done much long distance riding this year, but that will all change as the weather improves. I have been doing more Time Trials though, on my new special machine, “Vader”, the Estrella Fugaz. After several rides, not knowing if I was going to adjust to the bike, it is fair to say that I am fully settled in now and starting to fly. I am now posting times faster than last year, yet still not up to full speed! I am very excited to see where this machine and I will go. I have also started using my new Salice Chrono helmet, purchased of course from Estrella Bikes. Since wearing this I have gone faster! Obviously not just down to the helmet, but a combination of all things. Plus I am starting to delve into the hurt locker more and more. I had an Open 10 TT on 20th May on the P415 course, lovingly known as the ski slope, due to its fast downhill start. To get my Veteran Standard award I needed to beat last years 10 PB of 23 mins 14 secs. The Fugaz was supreme and I was feeling good, a time of 22 mins 37 secs was set, taking 37 secs off my previous! What a ride that was and there is still more to come. The following week I dipped back into the 25’s on our difficult club 10 course, the P337. I set 25 mins 55 secs, 34 secs off my PB, but getting back to speed. On 30th May I had another go and this time I set a new course PB of 25 mins 11 secs, a 10 second improvement. The more I push the more keeps coming. A 24 minute time should be coming soon. The beauty of the Fugaz is its rigid and beautifully balanced frame, the more you push the more you get back from it, it just keeps giving, with interest! A few more club runs and then I will be taking on my first 50 mile TT which I need to complete in 2 hours 16 mins 59 secs to achieve my Veteran Standard. Come back at the end of June to find out how that goes! On the second Bank Holiday in May I took a trip over to the Purbecks with Gary. Another blazing hot day, we weren’t pushing, just enjoying a bike ride. For me it was a good 80 miles in the legs, ready for Wales, but without hammering the legs. A great stop in the Corfe Cafe as per usual, a great day for a bike ride. Some pics below. Next up for me is L’Etape Wales - Dragon Tour (3 Days). Really looking forward to this one, the Dragon Ride is one of my favourites, so this year Ian and I thought we’d do the tour, with the Dragon Ride on day three. Some pics from the recent TT’s: Purbecks:
Speeding Up!