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What a beautiful morning to wake up for a ride, Sunday morning. We had been lucky with the weather for the Isle of Wight Randonnee. All week the forecast had been chopping and changing, but on the day it was amazing. It reached 17.5 c. on the island, better than we expected. The sun stayed out all day and just started to disappear behind cloud as we waited to board the return ferry, so all in all it was close to perfect. I rode to the ferry, collecting Ian on the way and meeting up with Leo and friends at Lymington. Once we crossed to Yarmouth, we quickly went to sign on and collected our Brevet Card's. We were met by possibly the worst site I have ever seen on a bike! There was a guy riding for charity in a black Borat suit!! It wasn't pleasant, but fair play to the guy, it must have been uncomfortable! It was a really nice day on the bike, just enjoying the sunshine and the Isle of Wight, or as I like to call it, Lumpy Wight. We were going clockwise, and once you hit Bembridge, slowly but surely it becomes quite rolling and every corner seems to produce yet another hill to climb. We just stuck to a steady pace all day, we were there to enjoy it. I was pleased to complete the Randonnee properly this year, collecting the stamps and stopping at the very well stocked feed stations. OK, these aren't free, but they are cheap and all the goodies on offer are amazing! I was happy with my form and felt good all day, setting a lot of PB's and 2nd and 3rd best times on the Strava segments. Even more pleasing, because we weren't actually attacking anything for that purpose. Just goes to show that my training is really paying off. We got back to the ferry and didn't have to wait too long, perfectly timed. A nice cuppa on the ferry, then back down to collect the bikes. As we were waiting for the ferry to dock, my Garmin bleeped at me, Low Battery!! Only 7% left! Noooooooo! I was on 90 miles and didn't want to lose the 20+ mile ride home. The Garmin was fully charged at the start and has never drained so low before. Have no fear I thought, you are nothing if not prepared. Out came the small power bank to charge up the Garmin. A few tie wraps and I was saved! A good ride home, just Ian and myself as everyone else had driven down. We kept a good pace and parted ways at Milford-On-Sea. As I cycled home I was so pleased with how I felt, the legs felt strong and I could have kept cycling. Although once I got in a stopped, I started to cease up. Really enjoyable ride, thanks to all that I cycled with and great to bump in to Bob Dowling, whom we hope to meet up with on the Etape du Tour. Complete change of subject now. Off the bike, but still  to do with my cycling, I have been painting and decorating up some boxes to keep all my cycling bits and pieces in. First up is my Mark Cavendish box. I painted it black and then decorated it with images of Cav, then finish off with some varnish to help protect it. I also thought I would like one in club colours, so on a trip to Ikea I saw this draw set and could picture what I wanted to do with it, here it is. That's me done for another blog, next event is the Dragon Ride or as it is now called L'Etape Wales by Le Tour De France. I think I prefer Dragon Ride.
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