Rocket Rich
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We are now three weeks into our Club 10 TT. It’s been a mixed bag already. Week one was bitterly cold, not great for a TT really, but several brave souls rocked up and gave it a go anyway. In better conditions I would have expected a mid 27 minute run, but that wasn’t going to happen, I managed a 28:23. I was fairly happy with that considering the weather. Week two came along and it couldn’t have been more different, warmer, less wind, it was a very good night for a TT. I didn’t waste it, setting a 26:51, a new PB for the course. I wasn’t expecting to go so well so early on. There is certainly a quicker time to come. Week three and the weather was different yet again. A slight breeze, nothing too major, but it was very misty and murky, with the temperature dropping every minute. The weather wasn’t my issue, more myself! I tried to pace the first lap, but got it wrong and by the time I hit lap 2 I knew it wasn’t going to be a time I wanted. All you can do at this point is stick at it and work on damage limitation. I posted a 27:27. Not horrendous and actually my 5th fastest time on the course, which considering I got it very wrong isn’t too bad. It’s a much faster start to the season than last year and I know what I did wrong, so hopefully next time round I can correct that and attack the course the way I know works for me, rather than trying to be clever with it! At the end of the day a Time Trail is all about you and the clock, it’s about you and your limits. These limits change week on week and can be affected by the weather on the day. So many factors determine whether or not it’s a good TT or not. This is why my only competition on a TT is myself, I’m not driven by others times, I just concentrate on getting the best out of myself on the day. Last year I struggled to get the best out of myself. Some of this was down to the training I was doing, which was all distance based and climbing based. I’m not a pro, so I don’t get to train all the time and have to pick the right training for the year’s events. As a result of this training I lost some of my raw power. This year, the training is yet again for distance and climbing, but I haven’t neglected in full, my power. Instead I have added some extra work to the plan and managed to crank the power back up. Perhaps next year I will concentrate more on my power than climbing and then hopefully the Time Trials will get closer to the 25’s if not into the 25’s. Away from the bike I have been working on another project, which is now completed. I had a medal hanger that was getting a little clogged up and running out of room for medals this year. Plus this hanger only held the medals and not any Col markers, trophies or Audax badges. I like collecting the medals etc... as they are great memories of the rides I have been on and who I have ridden with, or on occasion, solo challenges. The old medal hanger: I wanted something iconic, so chose the shape of the Col markers. I wanted to be in keeping with the marker numbers, so personalised it with "R74". I also painted the medal hanging poles in the colours of Le Tour De France jersey's, just to pay tribute to my favourite Grand Tour. Albeit that these will be mostly covered, I know they are there. The new trophy cabinet, if you like: Next up is the Dragon ride, 5th June. Really looking forward to this one again.
Time Trial season is underway