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Back in 2016, I had what I thought was the best day ever on a cycling event. I met Mark Cavendish, had a few words and got my CVNDSH Evade signed by the man himself! Could it ever get any better!? YES!!!! This year is most definitely the best day I have ever had! No matter what I have done, Etape Du Tours, Ride-London, Dragon Rides and all the other many events and rides I have done, none of these can match this. Whilst re-packing the car in the Premier Inn car park, I heard a magpie and I turned to look, there were two, one for sorrow, 2 for joy! Could be a good omen I thought. Well whether you believe in that kind of stuff or not, it was a good day, it was the best day! Emma was taking on the very lumpy 32 mile course and Gary and I were tackling the even lumpier 66 mile course. I had signed up for the 95 miles, but it was a very hot day and it would have made the schedule tight in getting to see Cav, so with nothing to prove, I opted to get back a bit earlier and make sure I could see Cav. Right from the start, the day just got better and better, Cav had a selfie with me on the start line, then a nice high five as I rode off the start line! That’s one glove that is never being washed or worn again! Off I went with a big grin on my face! The ride was very nice, some stunning scenery around the Cotswolds and some beautiful villages too. Might have to venture back for some riding sometime soon. As I got towards the end of the ride, I pushed for the finish, it was a little lumpier than I anticipated, but this wasn’t going to stop a strong finish. I came into the finish straight and made a sprint for the line, as I crossed it, I slammed on the brakes, aware of people stood at the end, handing out medals etc… Well when I say people, I mean Mark Cavendish himself! Oh yes, he placed that medal round my neck, as the only person to be finishing, he then proceeded to have a chat with me. So whilst I was recovering, sat on  my top tube, I was having a nice chat with Cav, about the event. In my head, I am saying to myself, this is surreal!! Wow! What an amazing guy, he was enjoying himself on the day, seeing us all cycling and having fun. So after a chat and another selfie, of course, I went back to the car to get sorted out. Fast forward a few hours and I was asking him a question in his Q&A session, the first question in fact as no one seemed brave enought to step up! The great thing was that when he answered the question, he answered it to me, rather than just in general. A little while after that I am meeting Cav again, this time he is signing my Cavendish HTC jersey and my Tornado jersey, then Emma was getting a Mark Cavendish OPQS jersey signed and Gary had his Tornado jersey signed. Mark was such a gentleman and we were so appreciative of him giving up his time to come and see the fans. As most of you will know, I have been a Cav fan from the start, so this day was a big day for me, really getting to meet him and have a chat for 5 minutes, this meant the world to me and is something I will never forget. Hopefully the event will be back again next year and I will get to meet my hero all over again. The only way you could top this is if I ever had the chance to just ride with him and have a nice chat in a cafe. Unfortunately that is not likely to happen, but I am so very grateful for the experiences I have had, I feel very lucky.
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