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Well it seems ages since I last wrote a blog, but I think that has more to do with what riding I have done than anything else. In June, I completed three days of cycling in Wales on the Dragon Tour. A challenging and hilly three days, but very rewarding and something I am considering again for next year, although this will depend on other plans. Day one of the Dragon Tour was the most eventful, with a rider crashing in front of us on a descent and nearly collecting me up in it, just managing to avoid his bike as it skidded across the road. We did stop and ensure that the rider was ok. He was, albeit a bit shaken up and with some nice road rash! We then got re-routed due to a fallen tree, unfortunately the marshalling wasn’t quite ready for this and we ended up with a 16 mile detour as we went past a turn that should have been marshalled for us. All in all it was a fantastic event and we had 3 dry and warm days of cycling. Ian and I covered 196 miles and over 14,000 ft of ascent. Time Trials have been going from strength to strength, my Estrella Fugaz, “Vader”, has been supreme, such a fast bike and really comfortable to ride. I am thinking of lowering the front a little more now, so I can get just a little more aero. I have set times I didn’t think I ever would and have set PB’s on virtually every 10 mile TT course I ride. In June I set two PB’s on our club sporting course, the P337. From a 25:11, I set a 25:02, then I set a 24:48 which is now just 27 seconds away from my target time. I still have a few more runs on the course before the end of August, so fingers crossed. On the P311 I set a new PB of 23:41, two weeks in a row! Then I set another one with a 23:23. In the Open Time Trials for my Veteran Standards, I set a time of 2 hours 1 minute 25 seconds for my first attempt at a 50 mile TT. I then had a go at my first 15 mile TT, setting a 33:46. My last attempt at a 10 mile open TT was a bit bitter sweet. I set my second fastest 10 time with a 22:39, just 2 seconds off my PB. However in the last mile, I dropped my chain and had to stop to loop it back on the front chain ring, losing me precious time. It probably cost me 30 seconds in total, so would have been a very low 22. Whilst annoyed I was still happy as I know that there is a much faster time there. With my winter training program I fully expect to beat all of these next year! I was due to have a go at another 25 mile TT, but the blip in the weather at the end of July saw the event cancelled. Hopefully it will be moved to another date, but I have another 25 mile TT booked in for the end of August anyway. I have also got my hands on a signed shirt from Darren Kenny OBE! This is definitely going on the wall! Cycling Legend! and a good friend. Next up, the Mark Cavendish sportive, Rise Above!
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